2014 NWOIAAA Membership Form and Conference Registration

The NWOIAAA September conference will be September 17th at 11:30 AM at the BGSU Stroh Center.

2014 NWOIAAA Membership Form and Conference Registration


Pupil Activity Permit Class @ Maumee

Maumee High School is hosting a Pupil Activity Permit class on Thursday, July 17 at 5:30pm.  Cost is $10 to attend and the class is 2 hours long.  Meets requirements for applying to ODE for initial permit or renewal.  To reserve a spot, email Maumee A.D. Matt Szyndler,

NW-OIAAA Spring Roundtables

NW-OIAAA Spring Roundtables have been set for 6:00pm on April 23, 2014 at:

  • Ickey’s in Archbold, OH
  • Milano Café in Lima, OH
  • New Riegel Café in New Riegel, OH

Dinner is provided along with favors for those who attend. Discussions in regards to athletics in the Northwest District, questions that can be generated to take to the Northwest District Athletic Board and topics that are relevant to all of our membership will take place.

Fall Conferences and OIAAA Membership Information & Forms

The State Conference will be held in the fall once again at the Hilton Garden Inn at Easton. The dates of the conference are November 17th thru the 19th.

2013 OIAAA Membership Information & Form

The NW-OIAAA fall conference has been confirmed to take place at the Stroh Center located on the campus of Bowling Green State University on Wednesday, September 25 with registration to begin at 11:30 pm.

2013-14 NWOIAAA Membership Form & Conference Registration

Information has been sent out to the Athletic Directors in the Northwest District for the opportunity to take LTC courses 501 and 502 this summer. The classes are tentatively set to take place at Carey High School on June 9th, 2013. If you are one of the first ten people to sign up for both courses, the NWOIAAA will pay your registration fees and will also provide you a lunch. Those who want to just take one of the courses may do so but the lunch will not be an option. Contact Randy Hord or Glen Gillespie for more details.

Thank you for those who attended the Roundtable Forums on April 24, 2013. A lot of information was shared by all and it was an enjoyable evening.

Also, the Executive Committee of the NWOIAAA will be meeting with the Northwest District Athletic Board following the OHSAA discussion meeting at The Centre in Bluffton on April 30, 2103. If you have any questions or concerns to be brought to the board at this meeting, please contact your league representative or forward them to Mike Vannett at


Mike Vannett


2013 NWOIAAA Award Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners. They will be recognized at the fall conference at the Stroh Center on the campus of Bowling Green State University.

  • NIAAA State Award of Merit- Jim Huss, Toledo Scott
  • NIAAA Frank Kovaleski Professional Development Award- Glen Gillespie, retired
  • NFHS Citation Award- Tim Erickson, Ottawa Hills
  • OIAAA Athletic Administrator of the Year- Nate Weihrauch, Findlay
  • OHSAA Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award- Brad Ehrman, Upper Sandusky
  • OIAAA Hall of Fame Inductee- John Harris, Lexington
  • OIAAA Meritorious Service Award- Pat Lewis, Shelby
  • OIAAA Citation Award- Kent Asher, Carey
  • OIAAA Horizon Award- Scott Grant, Van Buren

* Katie Dackin is the Nelson Thinnes Scholarship Award winner. She is the daughter of Rich Dackin, Athletic Administrator at Lima Bath High School.

NWOIAAA Executive Meeting – April 15, 2013

NWOIAAA Exec. Bd. Mtg

Scrambler Marie’s-Findlay

April 15, 2013

Present were: Susie Felver, Mike Vannett, Tom Hunter, Rich Dackin, Jim Huss, Chris Fahim, Tim Erickson, Glen Gillespie, Ben Paul, Kent Asher, Jim Offenbaker, Steve Carmella, John Harris.

President Mike Vannett called the meeting to order at 9:10 AM.

Minutes and Treasurer’s Report were reviewed by Randy Hord.

Thinnes Scholarship was discussed and was awarded to Katie Dackin.  She will receive it at the Fall Conference in September.

Fall Conference date is September 18, 2013 at BGSU.  A discussion was held regarding the tournament managers’ meeting being held in conjunction with the conference again this year.  NWDAB will be contacted regarding that.  “Side Effects” will be setting up a vendor’s booth and making a short presentation.   A discussion of vendors vs. sponsors for the conference was held.  Vendors fees will be $100.  Sponsors will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Round table discussions will be held on April 24 beginning at 6:00 PM at Icky’s in Archibold, Milano’s in Lima and the New Riegel Café.  Milano’s is a new location (address: 783 Elida RD, Lima 45805).  OIAAA will have reps at each meeting.  Tim Erickson will be at Archibold, Matt Shomper at Milano’s and Bruce Brown at New Riegel.

The NWOIAAA’s representation with the NWDAB was discussed.  A new rep was discussed and Mike Vannett indicated he may be interested.  At the April NWDAB meeting some topics to be discussed with them will include: Home Site tournament facilities, Flat fee charges for tournaments, combined enrollment for determining sites for both Cross country and Track, Team Wrestling Tournaments, Golf Tournaments regarding accounting and paying for facilities usage, etc.

Also discussed was the new accounting and pay procedures for tournament workers who are school district employees.  There is a separate line item for payment of taxes to those workers on the tournament report.

The OIAAA Fall conference was discussed.  The keynote speaker will be Archie Griffin.  The conference will be held at Easton on November 17-19, 2013.  Kent has already reserved the NWOIAAA hospitality room.  There will also be a speaker regarding Title IX.

The proposal for separation of public-private schools has been withdrawn.  A general discussion of other referendum items was held.

Glen talked about the LTI outreach program.  The first ten Athletic Administrators that sign up for both sessions will have their entire fee paid by the Executive Committee.  This includes 501 and 502, as well as lunch.  The courses will be held June 9 at Carey High School from 8-12 and 1-5.  Mike will send an email blast regarding this.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:36.


Randy Hord, Sec/Treas

OIAAA Scholarship Application Form due March 15th, 2013

OIAAA Scholarship Application Form

We will be taking Nelson Thinness scholarship applications up through March 15th.  This is for any athletic administrator who has a son or daughter who is either going to college next fall or already enrolled.

(Return completed form to Steve Bouillon ( by March 15, 2013)

NWOIAAA Executive Board Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2013

NWOIAAA Executive Board Meeting

Feb. 25, 2013

Scrambler Marie’s-Findlay

Meeting was called to order by President Mike Vannett at 9:20.

Present were:

Jim Offenbaker, Mike Vannett, Susie Felver, Kent Asher, John Harris Chris Fahim, Nate Weihrauch, Tim Erickson, Glen Gillespie, Jim Huss and Randy Hord

January Minutes were discussed and one correction was made.  That being that the District Middle School Meet is Cross country, not Track.

February Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $13,151.16.

A short discussion was held concerning a shift of funds to an interest bearing account.  No action was taken.  Suggestions for use of the additional funds included offering a second scholarship to any student currently attending a high school in the Nothwest District whose Athletic Administrator is a member of the NWOIAAA and who wishes to pursue a career in Athletic Administration.  A second suggestion was to sponsor a spring or summer institute whereby an athletic administrator could take LTI courses and get RAA certified by completing 501 and 502 at the same time.  The Executive Board could perhaps sponsor some of the cost for the courses and the luncheon for NWOIAAA members.  Course 501 would be offered in the morning, a luncheon and then 502 in the afternoon.  If a member wished to complete only the 501 class, the Exec Bd would pay for half that cost.  If the member wanted to complete the entire series, the Exec Bd would pay for the cost of 501 and the luncheon and the member would be responsible for the cost of 502.  Glen Gillespie will finalize plans and bring the plan to the March meeting at which time, it will be acted upon.

There was no news from either the OIAAA or the OHSAA.

The State OIAAA conference will be November 17-19. 2013 at Easton.

The NWOIAAA conference date was tentatively set as September 18, 2013 at BGSU.  Mike Vannett will contact Ben Spence to finalize date and arrangements.  It was suggested that one of the topics for a speaker be the Title IX updates as they are effecting current legislation and litigation.  Mike will contact BGSU to get a speaker.  The NWDAB will be contacted regarding their desire to “piggy-back” the tournament managers meeting on that day.

A discussion was held regarding wheel-chair athletes in track.  The State Law requires that they be allowed to compete in High School Track on an even basis with footed athletes.  Compliance is required.


Nominations for Awards for the conferences were discussed and are as follows:

NIAAA Distinguished Service Award-Jim Offenbaker, Lima Senior

NIAAA State Award of Merit-Jim Huss, Toledo Scott

NIAAA Frank Kovaleski Professional Development Award-Glen Gillespie, retired

NFHS Citation Award-Tim Erickson, Ottawa Hills

OIAAA Athletic Administrator of the Year-Nate Weihrauch, Findlay

OHSAA Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity Award-Brad Ehrman, Upper Sandusky

OIAAA Hall of Fame Inductee-John Harris, Lexington

OIAAA Meritorious Service Award-Pat Lewis, Shelby

OIAAA Citation-Kent Asher, Carey

OIAAA Horizon Award-Scott Grant, Van Buren

Scholarship applications will be due by March 15 and will be discussed at the March 25 meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:55.

Randy Hord, Sec.

NWOIAAA Executive Board Meeting Minutes – January 28, 2013

President Mike Vannett called the meeting to order at 9:03.

Present were: Chris Fahim, Eastwood; Tom Hunter, Retired, Wapakoneta; Glen Gilespie, Retired, Sylvania; Nate Weihrauch, Findlay; Rich Dackin, Bath HS; Jim Offenbaker, Lima SR; Tim Erickson, Ottawa Hills; Randy Hord, Retired, Willard; Steve Camella, Huron; Susie Felver, Sylvania Southview.

Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $13321.16.  Balance is ~$4000.00 more than last year in January.  Additional sponsorships and increased memberships were credited for the increase.  Using email contacts and concerted efforts by conferences are probable reasons for the increased memberships.

Chris Fahim reported from the OIAAA meeting held January 27.  The OIAAA is strong financially as compared to previous years.  Sponsorships and increased membership are responsible for the increase.  Attendance numbers at the State conference were up and all signs point to returning the conference to Easton again next year.   Local conferences are encouraged to discuss membership in NWOIAAA, OIAAA and NIAAA with all member school athletic administrators.  Middle school and assistant AD’s are also encouraged to join.  Chris also mentioned that NWOIAAA will be responsible for “hosting” the 2014 State OIAAA conference in conjunction with the Executive Board of the OIAAA.  Anyone interested in helping with the planning is asked to contact the NWOIAAA Executive Board.  A planning meeting will be held on March 17 at the OHSAA offices in Columbus.

Tim Erickson, representative to the OHSAA, reported on changes coming from that organization.  There is discussion of a Middle School Invitational State Track Meet in Columbus the weekend of HS Regionals.  There is also discussion of winter sports State tournaments in basketball and wrestling for Middle Schools at the District level.  The OHSAA has agreed to change the way schools are assigned to Regional Cross-country tournaments by adding enrollment of boys and girls and dividing by 2, which will allow all schools to participate with their boys and girls teams at the same Regional site.  Discussion of the proposed new individual instruction regulations was held also.  This would mimic the NCAA rules for off-season instruction.  More to come on this later.  Football state tournament will have 7 divisions this year.  One will be played on Thursday, 3 Friday, and 3 Saturday.  Tim also discussed the “Separation of Public and Private schools” issue and its effect on tournaments.  Current proposal that will be voted on in the spring would probably result in maintaining 7 divisions for football—2 for private schools and 5 for public schools, while basketball would probably result in 1 division for private schools and 3 for public schools.  Some sports might have state tournaments eliminated due lack of numbers to compete.  Tim also mentioned that standardization of audits for tournament events is soon coming.  The East District has been the trial group for this year.  It is recommended that schools adopt these procedures for their daily operations.

Roundtables will be April 24 at the same locations.

Conferences are encouraged to visit the NWOIAAA website for a list of awards and to have a representative bring those to the February meeting for action.

Glen Gilespie gave a short report regarding LTI courses.  A summer institute for that training is being planned whereby Athletic Administrators could obtain or upgrade their certifications.  OIAAA is accredited through North Central, so all courses receive valid CEU’s that can be used for license renewal.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:30.


Randy Hord, Secretary

Future Meeting Dates of the Executive Board

Future meeting dates of the Executive Board will be held on Jan 28th, Feb 25th, March 25th and April 29th all in Findlay at 9:00 am at  Marie’s Scrambler restaraunt in downtown Findlay.